Galen Verify has assembled information on how to research cannabis licensees in more than twenty states. You can preview some examples below. The full Cannabis License Clearinghouse is updated quarterly.


License searches

There are three statewide licensing authorities for California: the Bureau of Cannabis Control (retailers, distributors, microbusinesses, labs, and events), the Department of Food & Agriculture (cultivation), and the Department of Public Health (manufacturing). All three authorities license both medical and retail businesses.

Enforcement actions

There is no unified database specifically for enforcement actions, though each of the license databases listed above includes information about inactive and/or revoked licenses. The reasons for a cancellation or revocation are not provided in the license databases.

The BCC Media Room includes press releases regarding enforcement actions. In addition, if you search the BCC website for a company name, recent enforcement actions that have been published in the Media Room naming that company will appear in the search results. This search should not be considered comprehensive.

Application data

We were advised by California regulators on May 8, 2019 that the state does not publish application files.

Updated May 9, 2019.


The Cannabis Control Commission regulates both medical and retail businesses in Massachusetts. The CCC took over responsibility for the medical program in January 2019, but some information about medical licenses is still available on the Department of Public Health website. We recommend searching the records of both the DPH and the CCC.

License searches - Medical

License searches - Retail

A list of all CCC final licensing decisions can be viewed here. You can also read the CCC’s executive summary of its evaluation of each applicant on this site. The executive summary includes the names of executives associated with the license.

Provisional license decisions can be accessed here. Use Ctrl+F to search the page for references to a specific company. The executive summary includes the names of executives associated with the license.

Enforcement actions

The CCC’s enforcement actions are posted here. This list does not include actions taken by DPH prior to the transfer to CCC.

Application data

  • Medical: You can review the public elements of all RMD applications and regulator responses.

  • Retail: You can review all public elements related to retail applications. Filter by “Marijuana Establishment License Applications.”

Updated May 9, 2019


Cannabis is regulated by the Nevada Department of Taxation (both medical and retail).

License searches

Enforcement actions

We were advised by the Department of Taxation on May 9, 2019 that the state “is not currently permitted to release enforcement actions.” This information does not appear to have been included in the May 10, 2019 license data release.

Application data

Lists of licensees and applicant scores in the following categories as of December 2015 are available, but only for businesses that consented to have that information made public: Cultivation Facilities, Dispensaries, Independent Testing Laboratories, and Production Facilities.

For licenses evaluated between 2017 and 2019, there is extensive application data available on this page. Review the files under the headings on the right. The files are presented by application period, not by company name, so you will need to search each file for references to the company of interest. The files can be searched by business name and license type, and include both approved, pending, and rejected applicants. The files do not include the names of associated individuals. We also recommend reviewing the file on this page called “Ranks & Scores of Applicants,” which is sorted by county.

Updated May 13, 2019